Cobbaton Combat Collection

The chap who owns Cobbaton has spent a lifetime collecting and restoring military kit. The result is an Aladdin's cave of stuff ranging from a T54 tank through Howitzers to small arms. Most of the hardware is WWII era though some is earlier and some from later conflicts such as the Falklands and Gulf Wars. |more days out| 

Cobbaton Combat Collection

This really is one man's collection rather than a slick commercial operation and items surplus to the collection are available for sale. So if you want to buy a real Bren gun - de-activated of course - this is the place to come. Everything is under cover so it's a good place to visit when it's raining. Refreshments are served from a NAAFI van. |map| |next attraction|

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There are many hotels and places to stay near Cobbaton Combat Collection in South Wales. Hotels include:

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When it rains in north Devon this is something to do. Things to do when it rains are useful to know of in advance so that when it rains you can go straight to the Combat Collection without having to search for things to do when it's raining when it's raining.

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