Knightshayes Court

John Heathcoat, who invented the lace-making machine, moved to Tiverton after Luddites smashed up his Loughborough factory. His grandson John Heathcoat-Amory built this fine country house in 1867. Be prepared for a stiff neck - the decorated wooden ceilings are really something. |more days out| 

Knightshayes Court

The house is big enough to be interesting but still feels like it would have been a comfortable place to live. There are rambling wooded gardens, a kitchen garden and lovely views to enjoy. Derek Heathcoat-Amory was Chancellor of the Exchequor from 1958 to 1960. Very helpful staff. |map| |next attraction|

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There are many hotels and places to stay near Knightshayes Court in Somerset. Hotels include:

  • Tiverton Best Western

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