Weston-super-Mare Grand Pier

The pier re-opened in October 2010. It's a shame the elegant Victorian approach has been replaced by an elongated bus shelter, but when you get to the Pavilion all is forgiven. The 2p games machines are still there but now there's so much more. |more things to do| 

Weston super Mare

The real treats are upstairs. The Go-Karts and rides are tremendous fun but best of all are the two Formula 1 simulators. They are the same as used by real F1 drivers so you get an authentic F1 experience. Don't be afraid of having a go: select automatic and the hard bit, changing gear, is done for you. Karts and F1 are £5 a time (and worth it) so bring loads of money and put at least 4 hours on the car park. |map| |next attraction|

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