Imperial War Museum Duxford

Wow. Duxford is a must if you're at all interested in planes. Which of these would you most like to see: Concorde, a Spitfire, a B52 bomber, a U2 spy plane or an SR-71A Blackbird? Well, at Duxford you can see them all. You can even touch the SR-71A. |more days out| 

Imperial War Museum Duxford

As well as planes galore - including a Lancaster and a Eurofighter - there's a Battle of Britain hangar, Land War hangar, WWII Ops room, a working plane restoration hangar and numerous other things to see. You can even take a flight in one of the historic planes that live at Duxford. This is a full day out. Tesco Vouchers accepted. |map| |next attraction|

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