Bath Postal Museum

If you're passing the Post Office you'll find the tiny Postal Museum down the stairs at the right of the entrance. It has the only surviving original machine for making perforations in sheets of stamps: before that stamps had to be cut from a sheet with scissors. There are examples of letters through time from Sumerian clay tablets to postcards and email. |more days out| 

Bath Postal Museum

Also a little mock up of the first Bath Post Office. Until the 18th century all mail went via London, then Ralph Allen paid £6,000 a year for the right to carry mail direct from town to town - and made himself a fortune. He then bought quarries - Bath is built from their gorgeous honey-coloured stone - and made himself a second fortune. So he could easily afford to build the magnificent Prior Park. |map| |next attraction|

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There are many hotels and places to stay near the Bath Postal Museum. Hotels include:

  • Abbey Hotel

This is a nice place to pop in to if it rains if you're looking for things to do when it's raining.

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